Serving Ellwood City and surrounding communities.

(724) 651-7787

We do: Corperate events, Birthday parties, Graduations, Weddings and more.

Employee appreciation: Have a pretzel party at lunchtime on the company.

Customer appreciation: Say thanks or draw new customers.

People like to be fed, Bring your staff togather to strengthen their interpersonal relationships and give them the feeling of being appreciated.

Catered events start at $750 or $10 per person for groups over 75 guests.

(Includes pretzels, cheese dip and drinks)

Raise money for your organization.

Sell our pretzels for the same price as we do from our food truck.

(same size, same price, same quality)

minimum commitment 100 pretzels

Buy for $3 sell for $5 and keep $2.

(you can sell them for $6 if you wish, this may help a smaller group)

Sell 100 pretzels, make $200.00, Sell 1000 pretzels , make $2000.00

Each order comes with reheating instructions and salt.

Your team will be given an order form to keep track of sales.

Once complete, we will coordinate a bulk delivery location and date for pick up.